Therapy Business Builder

Level Two

From Business Owner to CEO

Therapy Business Builder

Level Two

From Business Owner to CEO

Interested In Taking Your Business to the Next Level?

A Letter From Our CEO, Kara Welke

Are you an overworked, underpaid therapist seeking clinical freedom and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on older adults and their caregivers?

Then The Therapy Business Builder Program

is designed specifically for you!

We understand the challenges you face because we've been in your shoes. That's why we created this program – to help you establish your therapy business the right way, from the very beginning.

Our goal at the end of Level 2 is fourfold:

  • You'll have a fully set up business that follows any and all legal requirements.

  • The necessary elements to run your business; website, phone number, EMR, etc.

  • The knowledge and guidance to get accepted through insurance providers.

  • The confidence to serve patients at a high level, so you can create a legacy for yourself as a provider.

Every therapist's journey is unique, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Some therapists have launched their businesses within a month, while others take a bit longer. Our priority is to help you on your individual path, ensuring your success.

We provide you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to establish a thriving therapy business that allows you to make a difference in the lives of older adults and their caregivers.

It's time to build your business with confidence and embark on a rewarding journey of professional and personal fulfillment!

Program Overview

From Business Owner To CEO

This program is for the therapist who has their business set up properly and they are ready to see their first client OR for the therapist who has everything established, but they are not making any progress in their business.

Establish A Game Plan

Deep Dive Call

Right away we will schedule an initial Deep Dive Onboarding Call to establish your goals and develop a plan for the following 4 months.

We have therapists who join us in Level 2 at all different stages. Just know we will meet you where you're at and formulate a plan that gets you on the right path!

Coaching Calls & Live Trainings

All Calls From Level 1

You will continue to receive 2 group coaching calls per month Sue/Kara and Anthony/Chad at VMM. Steve at HelloNote will also have a single group coaching call per month.

Financial Training/Coaching Calls

You'll have a monthly meeting with Alex Engar, aka the Profit Doc

Networking Training / CEO business management

You'll have a monthly meeting with Alex Engar, aka the Profit Doc

Personal Calls and Additional Trainings

With Level 2 You receive 6 individual calls per year to use as needed to meet with Sue/Kara. Additionally we provide up to date compliance trainings and additional Trainings as new situations arise.

Elevated EMR & Systems Support

Fully Accessible EMR with HelloNote

Steve with Hellonote continues to host monthly coaching calls to go over changes and any questions that you have. As your business grows you'll also unlock discounts for additional therapists within your organization

All HIPAA Compliant Systems Features From Level 1 Plus MORE!

With Level 2 you'll unlock the full suite of tools to help manage your therapy practice and daily workflow. Calendars, patient and lead management pipelines, additional automation capabilities, and MORE!

Further Support and Guidance On Your Systems

Anthony will provide individual guidance and support on maximizing the use of this HIPAA Compliant System, even if you choose not to use all the features.

Support & Education

We're With You Every Step of The Way

We provide support for the important foundations of your growing business: billing/payment collection, marketing/sales, business systems and of course how to add employees, etc.

Content Creation

Stay on Trend

Once a month we host a Business Development meeting where we will go over different content that you can post throughout the month on your business social media accounts. We also host monthly networking calls.

Additional Discounts

Take Advantage Of Next Level Exclusive offers

We partner with these groups/organizations for additional discounts: Skills2Care, Senior Home Safety Specialist, Certified Aging in Place Certification, Profit U Financial Course, Home Mods Course, Zero to Paid Course and more.

Interested In Taking Your Business to the Next Level?

Your dedicated team driving you forward the whole way to success...

Stories From a Few of our Past Therapy Business Builder Members...

Kara is amazing! She truly cares about each person she helps. She is very quick with responding to questions as well. I don’t think I would have made it this far with starting my business without this program. I am so excited to keep working on my business and feel secure knowing I have great resources.

Anna Anderson

Comprehensive In-Home Therapy

Having the support of Kara and the entire TBB group has been amazing throughout the process of figuring out what my next steps would be. No question is dumb. Kara is always available when you need her; she feels like a good friend you can reach out too, even though she's across the country and a time zone away from me. This has been one of the best decisions I've made joining the program! It makes you feel like you cannot and will not fail. If you're on the fence, please reach out to her.

Jennifer Huff

Your Aging Therapist

Thanks to your program if everything is projected correctly right now without cancellations, I have already surpassed the one year goal and have 30+ visits next week!

I’ve been an OT for 21 years and have decided over the past few years that working for myself would give me the opportunity to help my clients in ways I can’t constrained by productivity and other limitations. Just as importantly it would provide me with more freedom, creativity and sanity! Thankfully I found Kara and the Next Level OT platform which has been invaluable in providing guidance and support as I’ve pursued starting my own practice. This spring I took the leap and signed up with the Therapy Business Builder program. I now have 2 clients and can’t be more excited as I start to grown my business. Kara and her team have been invaluable in helping me get started! She provided the framework and all the information I needed to get through all the steps, big and small to start my business on solid footing. And she has been there along the way encouraging, challenging and always available to answer questions. I can’t thank her enough, the Therapy Business Builder program was a solid investment!

Karrie Stanley

Interested In Taking Your Business to the Next Level?

Watch these real and raw videos from other therapists that Have Gone Through The TBB Program and are The CEO of Their Dreams

Watch these real and raw videos from other therapists that also wanted to launch their practice in 90 days or less

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